Saturday, November 5, 2011

Would you like to try our Pumpkin Spice Latte?

 We were all set to have a cute, plushy little pumpkin this Halloween. Until I had a last minute inspiration by way of a Starbucks apron (thanks to Trish).  So, I printed off a few Sbux emblems, taped up a little coffee cup sleeve (paper bag) and a lid (foam paper) complete with the classic green Starbucks straw (toilet paper roll)---and, Wah Lah:
 our little latte!!!!

Brentwood Costume Parade with Monkey Liam
Welcome Addy! To a Halloween tradition :)
A very serious Halloween tradition.
Last year (7mo & 3mo)
Then it was time to go Trick-Or-Treating with the Strate and vanAnrooy boys. 
Kendall doesn't know how to say "Trick-or-Treat" yet, but if you ask her what a ghost says she'll tell you! Despite this, Kendall scored candy at 2 houses (One being Trish and Johnny's---our costume inspiration!)...we don't have a picture of that though. We let her play with the candy and she figured out how to bite through the wrapper, which we discovered after we noticed green drool running down her chin---oops! 

It was a fun and Happy Halloween for all of us!


Amy said...

So creative and cute!

Erin said...

I love your costumes!

Emilie said...

Sweetest Latte imaginable!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Okay. That is hands-down the best Halloween costume ever. Ever! I love it.

The Lochheads said...

The Little Latte is seriously my favorite costume of the season! When do you have time to be creative?!? I'm so impressed! :)

Hope you're surviving conference week! We're all currently sick, here. Seems to be the usual for a house of teachers and their kids... :) We seem to always have "done with conferences" on our list of thankfulness...