Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating Riss

In preparation for Marissa and Luke's wedding we had lots of celebrating (and crafting) to do! First we threw a shower for Riss, with all of her favorite girls, and several special touches that were just for her.
One of her favorite quotes is "Keep Calm and Carry On" so I found one that said "Marry On" and I changed it to her wedding colors. I think she liked how it turned out! I tried to have all the little touches match that sign. I found the cute gray felt baskets at Target and filled them with favors (purple and gray bow pins) and games (scratch tickets and address drawing), and scattered throughout were little gray chevron tags labeling everything. Amy also made a really cute bucket where all the guests could write a little note of encouragement or marriage advice. 

Mom helped me out by bringing over some pictures of Riss through the years. They were a cute way to see who she has become---LUKE'S WIFE!!! 
Peppermint bark cupcakes with a "He Put A Ring On It" mini banner I found on the internet.
Then a big "She Said Yes!" banner :) I

The guest of honor before she dug into her massive load of gifts! It's fun to get showered!!! I kept wishing that she'd have extras of the cool kitchen gadgets that were nonreturnable so I'd get them---no such luck! Guess it's time Keith and I renew our vows and re-register. It was such a sweet day and I loved putting lots of love and details into the party. I know she doesn't love to be the center of attention but she deserved to get spoiled and I hope she felt all the love.

Then a few weeks later it was Julie's turn to host another Marissa celebration :) We started the day helping Riss finished up some wedding projects so she could actually relax and enjoy her special day.

It's a well known fact that to really relax and feel spoiled is to head over to Famous Nails for a pedi and chair massage!

We took our cowgirl to Nordy's to pick out some wedding night apparel...the boa, hat, boots, and special Texas buckle was a nice start :)

Then to dinner at Twigs for gifts and giggles thanks to some totally inappropriate dinner conversations!

We wrapped up the night at Gibliano Bros. Although the crowd was more fit for our parents, that didn't take away from all sorts of excitement (including, but not limited to, a lesbian vs. drunk man fight, a large man falling off the stage, somewhere in there we discovered blood on the dance floor and someone even wet their pants from all the wild dancing!) and Marissa even got called up to sit on the piano for a special few songs---she was such a great sport while getting teased by the piano players.

All in all, I think Marissa enjoyed all the parties in her honor marking her new adventure of becoming a wife! I love you Riss and so do all your friends and family who came to love on you!


Alison said...

I love reading about all of Marissa's special pre-wedding celebrations! It makes me wish I lived closer to my bridesmaids when I was engaged! It all looks like so much fun.

Emilie said...

Marissa is so lucky to have your for a sister (which I'm sure she realizes)! Such a special time to shower her with all your love. It looks like you did an amazing job right down to every last detail!