Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ho ho ho

Kendall loves Santa, she's been talking about him for months! The time came to go sit on the big guys lap and she FROZE---we didn't even try to put her up there alone. As we were walking up the stairs her body took a death grip on mine and she started begging that we go together. Her big Christmas wish was for a candy cane and she was too scared to even ask (sadly this Santa gave us pancakes and not candy canes).  Despite her fears of Santa she had a great time doing all the "big kid" things like decorating a foam tree with stickers and getting a balloon animal. So once again I bring you our family Santa picture (last year).

GG and her Great Grandkids!

Mimi and her Grandkids!


Super Angie said...

I think the family Santa pictures are a great tradition. I look forward to next year's version. :)

We'll be in Anchorage for Christmas this year, and I'm hoping to score a Santa picture of Kaitlyn.

Emilie said...

This sounds very similar to our Santa experience. Maybe next year:)

Ali said...

Love your family tradition! Wish we had some traditions! Guess we'll start some this year or next!