Sunday, June 23, 2013

We have 2 kids {reality has set in}

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You guys, parenting two kids is NO JOKE. Keith and I keep saying "how did we ever think life was hard with one baby?" Sure, it was a big adjustment from no kids to one, but I'm fairly certain this jump to 2 was a harder one for me. I know it could be worse. And I do know that the stages the kids are at won't last forever, and there are some incredibly sweet parts that I wouldn't trade AT ALL! But, right now life is a balancing act of meeting everyone's needs (including mine, on occasion). It's a lesson in patience (for everyone). It's adjusting to a new lifestyle, which involves learning to hold on very loosely to who I was before kids ('cause I want to reclaim it more fully in a year or so). It's being more organized, yet leaving room for a lot of flexibility. It's being okay with saying no to some things that I'd really like to do, or that might even be good for Kendall, for the sake of keeping somewhat of a routine (or my sanity). Some days are flat out exhausting (did you read my pervious post on Kendall's love for Kyler?). Yet, I know these long days are precious and will slip away into busy school age years, then teenage years, and before I realize what has even happened we'll be back to just the 2 of us. Kids are a blessing, therefore we wouldn't want it any other way! I don't want to rush this time, but there are moments (like last night at 9:45 pm when both of our kids were screaming their heads off, after over and hour of bed time shenanigans, and all we wanted to do was zone out and catch up on Master Chef) when it's hard to remember that the years are short and to relish even the longest of days.

 So here is a glimpse of life these days so that when we move out of the newborn/toddler stages I can look back and remember a 'typical day" (whatever that means!), and appreciate each new stage with our kids. 

Oh good, Kyler is falling back to sleep after a 5am feeding, time to get a little more shut eye...just kidding, "Can I have a bagel please?" (this kid is fueled almost exclusively on bagels these days) Kendall is wide awake at 6:24am (usually up at 7:30). "Okay, sweetie." I get the bagel ready and while I wait a million years for my sweet darling daughter to finish up, I clean up the kitchen a bit (the never ending job). "Mommy, can we play a game?" "Of course!" Cue Kyler crying. "Oh, how about after I nurse Kyler?" Cue Kendall climbing on top of Kyler and I, while I try to nurse him. Milk is spraying all over the couch. Hmm, have I gone to the bathroom yet today? Okay, time to get us all dressed and ready to get out of the house---better put on a Dora so I can hop in the shower. Oops, don't forget to bring Kyler with me so I don't find him across the room because "he just wanted to get out of the bouncer and play with his toys". We're leaving the house an hour later (or 2, realistically--but in my mind it was an hour, or an hour ago was when someone was expecting us...). Someone inevitably needed to eat again during this  "one hour" time. And someone else inevitably needed to use the bathroom (but peed on the floor so that needed to get cleaned). And there were certainly a few diaper changes, too. Let's see, what errands can I run that are drive throughs? Starbucks! Why isn't there a drive through grocery store or Target? Destinations like story time or play dates are so much easier than errands. Back home for lunch. "Hey Mom, how about I eat, then play, then eat, then play?" 45 minutes later: Will I be lucky enough for both kids to take the same nap time?... Things are relatively calm for a few hours, we rest, we play, we craft, we read. Then the excitement of Daddy coming home, preparing dinner, and Kyler's fussy time kick in. And don't get me started on bedtime---UGH! 

So this might be an extreme example, but there are some days when it's reality. Within each kind of day there are a so many amazing moments where I am humbled to have been chosen as Kyler and Kendall's Mama. Smiles, laughter, hugs, imagination, playfulness, snuggles, connections, LOVE. The days are long and yet the years are short, so I will be present in the long days, I never want to forget them.


Emilie said...

Truer words have never been spoken (or blogged). I'm glad we get to share our long days and short years together. I would comment more, but I have to go change a diaper!

Tiffany said...

Awesome post. It actually made me tear up a bit because there are certainly days that seem so LONG for me and my second one is still in my belly! But you are so right, one day we will look back and wish for these days. And the fact that you include crafting in a typical day makes you a super mama in my mind! ;) Hang in there, lady! Love your perspective!

Johnson Family said...

I loved reading this! Helps get me a little mentally prepared for when we take the leap from 1 to 2 :)

carly said...

Oh Meghan, I hear ya! Hang in there, you are doing a GREAT job and those are two lucky kids! :) Kids are so exhausting.:) And, I agree, I would pay a lot of money to have a drive through at the grocery store....