Friday, May 31, 2013

Tremendous love

Kendall was almost more ready to get the baby out of me than I was. She couldn't wait to meet HER baby.
 It was love at first sight! 
She bestows her affections on sweet, innocent, terrified Kyler, daily minute-ly. "HIIIIII Kylur" (in her toddler accent) she breathes directly on to his face all day long. He receives endless kisses, hugs, hand holds, pats and rubs. Because surely he would never know how much she loves him if she wasn't touching him CONSTANTLY. She is never far from him and is the first to respond to his whimpers by putting his binkie in (even if he doesn't want it, she will be sure to get it in!) or "swaddling" him or setting a favorite toy on top of him. I hear "Can me hold him?" at least 8000 times a day, and when he starts to cry scream she only holds him tighter in an attempt to comfort. "Mommy, he loves me so much" "Mommy, he just got me!" "Mommy, he's smiling at me." "Mommy, he said goo goo to me!" 
Oh, she loves him so. 
But I must be vigilant in monitoring her "tremendous love," which is how my sister so perfectly described it. There have only been a few times (that I know of) where she has moved him without adult assistance. I rarely leave a room without one of them with me, for fear of finding Kyler in a new location! When will this novelty wear off? We are over a month in to this exciting adventure and her love only seems to grow for her real live baby doll. I'm honestly looking forward to when he gets a bit stronger, maybe even mobile, so I won't have to worry so much for his safety from her love. Someday the love will be mutual and he'll be big enough to wrestle her to the ground to return the favor. 

first moment = pure love
Kendall, we are so glad you love your baby brother and know that you are making him a tough little guy (and me a better, and more patient, Mommy).
instant face touching
"Hiiiiiii Kylur"
"Swaddle me too Mom!"
"Can me hold him?"
Oh geez...look at his face! He's like "You guys are seriously going to let this happen?"
She is NEVER far away
"Get out of my face Sister!" "Ha ha ha, you're so funny Kylur!"
Love and terror
so proud
"Hi Buddy"
"Mommy, he wants to be with me"


Amy Hook said...

This may be one of my favorite posts ever. There is nothing like a sibling relationship. Watch out :). The fun has only just begun!

The Hoogland Family said...

You have captured something so sweet and precious! I love how she LOVES him so much! Oh I can't wait to squeeze them both! Kyler is a handsome dude!

Emilie said...

She is the SWEETEST sister in the world! I LOVE all of your pictures, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these two!

Ali said...

I love this post sooo much! How perfectly you painted the picture and described emotions. I cannot wait to see them together!