Saturday, August 31, 2013

I hold my own head up

Kyler at 4 months is really a show off! It feels like all of a sudden he can just do all these baby things like he's no longer is a newborn or something. It makes me a little sad when I let myself think about it for too long, but it's also exciting because I've learned with Kendall that each age just seems to get better and better (most days). Kyler is a pro at holding his own head up. But of course on the day we got family pictures taken he was all slumped over and grumpy looking :( Oh well! He's starting to love being held facing outward so he can take it all in. He is loving to stretch out his strong legs when held standing up and I think he's going to love the "Johnny Jump up" before too long. He does well in the Bumbo, which is super when I need to get things done but he wants to participate. He gurgles, grunts, coos, and sings to us! He is super vocal and chatty which is so much fun. While driving in the car he used to always fall asleep but now he sings to us. He has rolled over both back to tummy and tummy to back, but he doesn't really do it without us encouraging him so I can't claim that it's a mastered skill just yet. He is grabbing toys and rings all on his own and brings them straight to his mouth to cover in drool!

Kyler continues to impress us with his easy going personality. He had a short time last month where he would scream for no reason but that was just a phase, he is totally back to his normal easy self. He rarely cries and when he does it's pretty obvious what the reason is and it's always fixable. I've had to take the kids with me to my classroom to get ready for school to start and he happily plays by himself or with Kendall and I almost forget that he's there because he hardly needs any attention. All my teacher friends love to come steal him for a baby snuggle while they take breaks from working. He loves the attention and is happy to go with just about anyone. He flirts and flashes his handsome smile to everyone who smiles at him. HE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Not that I'm biased or anything ;).

He is a GREAT sleeper! He's been moving up his last feeding to 9pm and wakes up around 5:30--and occasionally all the way to 6:30! He generally takes 3 naps during the day and can usually fall asleep on his own. And if he misses a nap he remains happy and calm---DREAM CHILD! (knock on wood!!!). Lately he's been preferring to nap on his side/stomach. He usually likes to be swaddled and for sure has to have his binky!

We went to our annual stoneridge family vacation and Kyler was a trooper having his schedule disrupted, taking a bottle so I could go out and golf with Keith, Kelli and Alex, and a full day in the sun at Silverwood without any complaints.

Today we took him in for his well child visit and he is 12 lbs 15.5oz (7th%), and 25.25in long (20%). Apparently we make small kids. Oh wait... Head circumference 16in (40%)!

Fell asleep sitting up

Going golfing with his buddy Carter

Auntie Riss' going home from the hospital shirt 

Naked tummy time turned into naked nap time

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Jen said...

Doesn't it seem to go so much faster with the 2nd babe?! I can hardly believe that Aly is trying to crawl! Kyler is so cute and I can't get over he and Carter in their little golf outfits!