Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kendall Conversations part 1

 I used to be good about writing down all the new words or funny things Kendall would say, but then I couldn't keep up or just took it all for granted. Then she started to say things correctly and we'd say "remember when she used to say it like...?" She is pretty darn communicative and sometimes we forget that she's just 3. In an attempt to preserve some of her toddlerness I'm going to try and document more of her phrases or versions of words, because too soon she will out grow them and we'll be sad.

Currently my favorite thing is that Kendall pronounces the V sound using a B sound. She's yelled at me a few times "No I NEBER do that!" And when she counts it's "one, two, fwee, four, fibe, six, seben, eight, nine, ten eleben..." She occasionally tells us that she is "fawustawaited" or needs some "pwivacy." And when we go swimming she needs to put on her "swim soup" still (I might not ever let her know the right word for this one!). I love how she tells us that she was "supposed" to do something but means "used" to do it. And that she gets very concerned if her new owies are going to "heal off."

The other day Kendall asked me if we could go visit one of the planets. She thinks her helium balloon might be there waiting.

At lunch just yesterday she told me that she made a new food by dipping her "penis" bread (PITA BREAD!!!) into yogurt. OH MY GOODNESS!!!

Earlier this summer she had this conversation with Keith: "I don't like getting all these time-outs." "How's that feel?" asked Keith "It's okay, cause Jesus still loves me."

"Mommy, Jesus lives in my heart. Sometimes he comes out and plays with me on my stomach."

"I made kyler cry...with my magic."

I know there are already ones that I've stay tuned for part 2!


The Hoogland Family said...

Love, love, love! So precious!

Tiffany said...

Jesus coming out and playing with her on her stomach is my favorite! Hilarious! Awesome pictures, too!