Friday, February 28, 2014

10 months fast

 10 months has gone by SO FAST and Kyler, at 10 months, is SO FAST! I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we are 2 months away from having a one year old. This whole year has been speeding by and I am just trying to keep up. As with his 9th month he has really taken off when it comes to ability and personality. Here are some of the highlights that I don't want to forget.
*4th tooth popped down a few days after he turned 10 months. 2 days after that he fell face first into the coffee table (the hazards of learning to stand). I wasn't too concerned until the gum around that brand new tooth was all puffy and bruised. We took him to the dentist to see if everything was ok, and it was. We'll be taking him back in to check the tooth's growth next month. Not too much we can do if it is damaged but they wanted to check it so we can be watching for any changes or notice any pain. 
*He pulls up on any and everything. He has no fear. He also has no balance. 
*He likes to wave both hands at the same time. It's so cute. 
*He started testing out different proteins including meat and beans. He doesn't seem too interested in the meat but LOVED beans. Turns out they aren't so easy to clean off of skin once they have dried. Bean night now happens on bath night. 
*Starting to out grow the constant spit up stage (which seems so much longer than I recall with Kendall)
*After getting the throw up flu he regressed to major spit up. For about a week at least once a day he would cough and gag and blow chunks. I did a lot of laundry.
*The flu also caused us to regress with the sleep progress we'd made. To reduce the throwing up we went back to smaller and more frequent bottles, and now he seems to think he needs to eat all night long again. BOOOOO.
*We are mastering the art of fast diaper changes. Kyler hates diaper changes and tries to escape them. We can pin him down with our legs or just let him pull up on a near by table and change him while he stands.
*He is a toy dumper! This is a trait I'm learning is very much a boy trait. See a bin of toys and one must empty the bin to investigate all the toys to pick the best one. The testing usually involves hitting the toys together and tasting them. If he has a toy that Kendall wants (or something he's not supposed to have that we have to take away from him) he gets super mad when we grab it. He used to be fine if we replaced it with a different toy, but now he really knows what he wants and lets us all know. 
*He has the sweetest high pitch yell! Fun places to test it out are restaurants, stores, any place that people around us might prefer it to be quieter. Including me in the car while I'm driving. 
*He is such a happy guy, almost always smiling and laughing. He throws his hands in the air with joy. We can't remember what our life was before he was here. He makes me smile and laugh every day. Sometimes he is so happy we forget that he still needs to eat and sleep! He's the best!

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