Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Kyler is now 9 months old and officially been part of our (my) life for 18 months (9 in and 9 out). SO CRAZY! I've been jotting down lots of little tidbits to share in this post, but am just now sitting down to blog (and now another week later I'm finishing it up--sorry Kyler!). My day time is spent chasing him all over and my night time is spent catching up on all the things I didn't get to because I was chasing him all over during the day! Anyway, I have to squeeze it in before he turns 10 months next week. Oh my!
trying to escape

This has been a very productive month for our little man. He's reached several huge milestones. The most noticeable one being he CRAWLS. He started out the month with a double knee crawl using mostly his arms to get around. But it increased in speed and agility quickly. He is now able to sprint crawl, especially if he spots an electrical cord unattended, one of our furry friends (who he just discovered!), or a crumb of something unknown on the floor. His core strength is amazing to me as he can go from a laying down position to sitting like it's nothing.

All the drooling finally paid off and Kyler sprouted 3 teeth this past month! And now he can chop down on puffs and rice rusks like a pro. Once those bad boys poked through we started to get (a little) more sleep at night. He is able to sleep from 8pm to 6am, with one wake up, but with a short bum pat we can usually get him back to sleep. But that is just what we know he is capable of, not what he does every night. But it's a treat when he does! He loves to make drooly sounds as he tests out these teeth. As far as his "vocabulary" he mostly just says dada, but occasionally throws in a gaga. He CAN make the 'ma' sound, but if I ever try to encourage it he laughs and goes back to "dada dada" (so he has a sense of humor I guess!).
bottom teeth came in first

then the top one

In addition to his sense of humor, we've noticed more and more of his little personality developing. He is an investigator! The way he examines things and toys it's as if he really wants to know how they were constructed. He loves to spin the wheels on his play car, and carefully take out every piece of doll house furniture and tests each one out in his mouth. Of course, this task has to be completed during Kendall's nap time. He is also very playful and does the most adorable two handed backwards wave and just started initiating peek-a-boo.

He started growing out of certain 9 month clothes and into a few of his 12 month outfits. I think if I wasn't sad about him growing up I might have moved him all the way to 12 month clothes. He is 18lbs and 14oz putting him in the 40th percentile, he is 28.25 inches tall (45th%) and his round noggin measures 18inches (70th%--WHOA!). The kid loves to eat. He hasn't said no to any food we've tried. He can pound a bottle and will do so every 3 or 4 hours. He still spits up a bit, but it seems to be getting better. If we don't get a really good burp we are guaranteed to get an eruption. His eyes remain blue, and his hair seems to be getting darker as it gets longer (in a few spots).

This has been the most fun age thus far, albeit a busy one! I know is just gets better and better and I can't wait to see what the next stages bring. We love you Kyler!

Hanging out with his buddies Carter and Scarlet

Having a blast with double bath nights

last night in his first house

so big!

so wild!

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