Thursday, January 1, 2015

Catching up: September 2014

September is always full and exciting as we quickly shift gears from slow summer days to the quick pace of the school year. This year was extra exciting with Kendall beginning her first year in Preschool! She was made for it!
At preschool open house.

First day of preschool!!!

 You can see here that she was bursting at the seams with excitement. I was probably a  little more nervous than she was. But neither of us cried and she even tried to help a new friend who was feeling sad. I have truly loved being half days and getting to pick her up from preschool. I hear all about the projects they do and the friends she plays with. Plus it's before we get Kyler so it's a nice little one on one time that we don't often have anymore. Kendall is loving all things letters. Her favorite game is to "spell a word" and have us tell her what it says. Occasionally she makes a real word and seems to lock it in.
We celebrated with a Starbucks date.
 I also had my first day of school...4th year in K and starting to feel like I know a little bit of what I'm doing ;) We added another teacher to our team, Fran! I adore her and feel so blessed that she was the exact right fit for Heather and I. It's also forced me to get a little more organized which I always need a push in that area.

 So pooped out after the first day back to normal routines and getting up early!
 We celebrated our first week by going out to dinner at Twigs.
 Our afternoons look like this:
We've got a walker and he knows how to get in trouble ;)

Continued neighbor friend time

 Dance started back up too. Kendall is in a BIG class this year and all the girls so so sweet and mature. We miss a few familiar faces and personalities, but are making new friendships which is exciting!
 One hot afternoon our family ventured out for the Spokane Fair. We bumped into one of Kendall's old dance friends, Chloe. What a treat to see her!
 Fed the animals.
 Learned to lasso
 Riss, Luke and Ella got a new puppy: Kansas!

 Keith and I were able to meet up with our friends at the Gorge for the Zac Brown Band concert and camping ;) Thanks to Kelli and Alex for taking the kids overnight for us!

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