Friday, January 2, 2015

Kyler's 18 months! WHAT?

 In October Kyler truly entered toddlerhood! He got his very first hair cut which made him look SUPER old and SOOOO handsome. His Great Uncle Ken came from Wenatchee to do the honors. His dad gave Keith his first hair cut around this same age. Kyler did great tolerating the tickles and Uncle Ken did a great job on a very wiggly boy.

Here was a before picture to show how long the back was getting! He wasn't a big fan of the ponytail.

In true toddler fashion
he can be a little mischievous ...

 So it's a good thing he's so cute!

He enjoys watching Kendall at dance and has even started to learn a few moves. Ask him to "shuffle, ball, change!"

He loves to be our helper! Especially when it means he gets to be outside.

He's walking now!!! And running (especially for a sweets), likes to put olives on his fingers, loves light switches, sleeps with a lovey, he's cutting eye teeth-ouch, trying to jump, knows where his ears are (but also thinks they are his eyes and nose), knows where his head is,  toes are, belly button is, tries to put on his own shoes, waves bye bye, dances, says: mo (more), wa (water), eesh (shoes), hi, daydue (thank you), uh-oh, baby, down, no, owie, mimics Kendall's "tick-tock" prayer with our family at dinner.

  He eats pretty much anything, so it's hard to say what could have caused a funny rash on his tummy this month, so we took him in to check it out since we had no idea what it was. A little benadryl and he was back to normal. While we were at the doctor we learned that he is 26 lbs! He's wearing 18-24mo clothes and size 4 diapers.

Although he's got a pretty laid back demeanor, Kyler doesn't like to slow down or stop for much! Kendall has taken it upon herself to be his personal wrangler. The repercussions are she gets her hair pulled on a regular basis and occasionally is bit :/ Kyler's go to defense mechanisms.
 I forgot how much I love this stage of toddler. Kyler is a blast and we just can't get over how fast he is learning things. He understands everything we say and communicates back in his own way when he doesn't have the words. He knows how to joke around and is all around just a fun kid!

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