Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spring 2015

March included more indoor days but many sunny days outside too.
Performing on our "stage"
Checking out Sky High trampoline place

indoor golfing (clothes optional)

Annual Barbie Party with Mimi and Quincy

He knows that Mommy is happier when she has her morning coffee!

More time spent at Jump n' Party---this place in genius!

Mid March sent Kyler and Mommy on a trip to Longview so we could sneak in one more free flight for this little guy and give mommy a mental break from the stressful class she had. 

He loved every second of it!
Kyler LOVED the extra attention! Here he was skyping with Kendall and Daddy.

Watching Golf with Papa.
Meanwhile, Kendall kept busy while we were gone with 3 birthday parties!!!

Here is a little warmth and sunshine!

Kendall had her school concert---adorable (we bought the DVD if you ever wish to view it!)

St. Patrick's Day
Chicks arrived at North 40---spring is here!!! Bring on April!

Time to dye some eggs for Easter

Neighborhood easter egg hunt

The bunny came

Making Resurrection Rolls

ENjoying the flowers from our yard!

After church

Egg hunt at Mimi's neighborhood

Then is snowed the next day :( first read day of Spring Break.

Later in the month of April we celebrated this little guy turning 2!

Who would rather use his potty chair as a stool to reach things than for potty.

Our tiny dancer on the big girl barre

3rd haircut---passed his sister in haircuts at age 2

More yard beauty

Getting weird on our date night at Micros for Mamas fundraiser

Warm days! Sorta.

Outdoor nail salon

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