Saturday, October 17, 2015

He shoots for 2!

This guy right here is 2! Hold on to your hats! He is, NO JOKE, about the sweetest, most easy going little boy. He barely talks ,but communicates quite well with pointing and grunting. He has a handful of words that seem to do the trick. Ball being the most important word. It was Kendall's idea to throw him a basketball themed party. I never imagined doing a sports themed party for such a young child, but he LOVES basketball. He'll sit and watch it on TV longer than any cartoon. He shouts out "hooooop" as we drive through neighborhoods and he spots them in every other driveway.  He sleeps with basketballs. It was a joy to celebrate him in this way. Although I think he was a little overwhelmed by it all. Kyler we love you tremendously and are so thankful for you and your sweet laid back nature.

Basketball cookies

Trucks, balls & bikes---he is "all boy"

 On his actual birthday we had a little family party

The all important tradition of a birthday muffin (but it was breakfast for dinner so Daddy could join)

He's a brave boy! I always expect him to shy away from new things, but he rarely does. He might be tentative, but if he sees that his loved ones are near and are supporting him he'll step up to any challenge. Including the dentist. He had to go first to show Kendall how to sit and get your teeth cleaned so she could be brave and do it too!

All smiles, always hamming it up

He's been really into "blowing" bubbles (but he mostly just eats them)

Isn't he just so dang cute!?


Doesn't mind getting dirty, but LOVES to be cleaned up (no really, he likes his hands washed and go nuts if they are sticky, loves baths, wipes his own chin when the drool is flowing, will tell me to blow his nose---very atypical toddler) 

 Papa Lanny and Ella took the birthday boy out for ice cream that evening
Here is is toting his balls around the house in his rolling backpack! 
He always sleeps with at least one ball!

A few of the cute things that Kyler is saying and doing right now include:

When he hears something of interest in the distance (garbage truck, school bus, daddy coming home from work) he'll cover his ear and perk up and say "hear it?"

He'll say "tank to" for thank you

"push you" (to get pushed on the swing)

"hug you" for a snuggle

loves apple sauce packs (knows how to climb the cupboard to get them)

Twinkle Twinkle is his favorite song

Caillou is his favorite tv show

He wears 2T clothes and size 4 diaper and size 6 shoes!

Besides balls, he also always sleeps with his giraffe lovey

Likes to play hide and seek by covering up one eye half way and yell "hiding!"

He loves to sort and organize things

He loves to brew my keurig coffee

He's peed in the potty a couple times but is far from potty trained. We hope to buckle down over the summer if he shows more interest.

He is generally now a good sleeper. Keith is the best at getting him down at bedtime. He puts up a bigger struggle for me and I have to let him cry it out a bit. Usually a few nights a week he wakes up in the middle of the night soaking wet. It's like he saves his pee all day! Those nights are hard to get him calmed back down. 

He often wakes up sad from his naps and need to cuddle for up to an hour. Occasionally a fruit snack or sucker can snap him out of the funk earlier. But mostly just snuggling for a while does the trick. 

Besides these little sleep issues he is a dream child! I am now remembering how much I LOVE 2 year olds. I don't know what the terrible 2's thing is about! 

Kyler we adore you! 
Happy birthday baby!

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