Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hoopfest 2008

Another hoopfest weekend accomplished! It was sooooooo HOT this year---record heat in fact---high 90's!!! Keith's team won two games on Saturday, then lost two games on Sunday. But we still spent most of both days downtown cheering on all our friends teams. The two teams they played on Sunday were tough to beat---first one was much better than you would expect to find in the rec division, and the second were literally giants! They said their combined weight was over half a ton!!! Keith looked like a 3rd grader in comparison and Jon looked like an average size guy :) All in all it was a fun weekend and we can't wait for next year when all the boys will be able to play with the 30 year olds---perhaps a little more laid back in that bracket. Here our some of our favorite pictures. Keith looks so intense here!

Here are some of the giants---didn't get a good one of the largest giant though.

Sunday night we went to Brad and Julies for a hoopfest bbq and poker night
Here Olivia was being silly in the cooler!

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