Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Keith and I just returned from our big summer vacation to Las Vegas!!! Thanks to two timeshare meetings much of our trip was paid for which always makes for an enjoyable time (fyi if you ever have a timeshare meeting don't tell the lady who gives you the free stuff that that is the only reason you are there---makes her a little angry). Even though we didn't "win big" :( we still had a great trip! We stayed at the Sahara which is pretty far from the main strip area so we did ALOT of walking and man it was HOT! Average temps in the low 100's although it was "cool" for this season being that it had rained before we got there, once during our stay and was mostly overcast. The last day was the only full day of sun which was perfect because we had seen all the sights and spent all our money so it was a great "read by the pool" sort of day. Here are a few of the pictures from our adventure.

city of is a strip club (one of many)... I had no idea (to Keith's embarrassment) as I was taking a picture of this fun cowgirl on Fremont street.

France and Italy all in one shot!

Of course we played our fair share of slot machines (but Keith mostly stuck with the poker tables and I totally got hooked on keno)

Fake Trevi fountain

I loved Caesar's Palace best because it reminded me of Rome!

Absolutely EVERYTHING has sparkling lights in Vegas!

Secretly Keith wishes he was a street performer---he could watch them all day and be completely happy. Here he is after watching this man make spray paint art (he actually wanted to buy one but they didn't have any golf scenes).

My favorite part of the trip was the free water shows in front of the Bellagio! I would be completely happy just watching them all day :) Water is so dramatic, especially put to music! (I just added a link to my side bar that has a video tour of this cool fountain!--check it out!)

This was taken our first night in Vegas just before a water show---see that gold "O" on the right side? That is the Cirque du Soleil show was got to see on Wed.---7th row!!! It was fantastic! They did all this crazy air and water acrobatics and diving, it was so worth our money!

Chocolate fountain and Bald Eagle display at the Bellagio---yum! The current theme at this hotel is America and I love a good patriotic tribute but couldn't really capture it on my camera.

In front of New York New York. I REALLY wanted to ride the roller coaster here but it cost $14 per person for one ride!! Keith promised to take me to Silverwood later this summer and I can ride all the roller coasters I want :) Isn't he the best?

MGM Grand Lion Cubs

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Emilie said...

Wow! I love the fact that you took a picture of the "fun cowgirl." I would have done the same! It looks like you two had a great time. I can't wait to chat and hear more about it.

The Boggs Family said...

Fun times! Glad you guys had a great trip. Was this your first time to Vegas? ... I remember when I went, I was overwhelmed with all the lights & entertainment in all forms, at every turn. It's been a while since I've been there, so that was cool to see your pics and see the new scenes! How are you guys?? We miss you both.

The Lochheads said...

Hi Keith and Meghan! Jeff just showed me how to find your blog--how fun is this!?!

Sounds like Vegas was a great vacation. I admire the fact that you were able to sweat through the timeshare talks...Jeff and I did that once before we were married and our free stuff expired before we vacationed together. I kept thinking Jeff was going to get suckered into a timeshare, so I didn't enjoy the talk so much... :)

Love being teachers! :) LE