Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tagging is spreading like wildfire!!

I knew it was bound to happen as I've watched so many get tagged in recent days...we were just "tagged" by the Naslands---thanks Karissa and Jeff (and Maddie)!

Here are the rules to the tag:
(1) Link back to the person who tagged you
(2) Post these rules on your blog
(3) Share 6 things about yourself
(4) Tag people at the end of your blog

And here we go:

1) I can't get enough TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack---I can't even bring myself to purchase clothes that are actual retail price in normal stores. I like to convince myself (and Keith) that it's okay to shop as much as I do because I always get "such a great deal" :) --hence our new strict shopping budget.

2) I really desire to be a tough outdoorsy girl ---I even got Chaco sandals for my birthday and we have a ridiculous amount of camping/backpacking stuff...truth be told I am just not that cool. Just ask the van Anrooys and Strates about my amazing hiking at Mt. Rainer! HA!

3) I wish I was as organized in reality as I am in my mind---if my great ideas could be implemented and sustained I would have a tidy house and so much more time in each day!

4) One of my favorite tv shows is John and Kate Plus 8 (I like to watch the marathon days and get all caught up at once). Second only to So You Think You Can Dance--- which I look forward to all year! You guys, seriously, it's THE BEST---man I wish I was a dancer!!!

5) Dusting is my least favorite chore. Someday I hope to have enough money to have my house cleaned for me (I wish!) ...just thinking about cleaning it makes me feel a little angry inside (maybe I'm just lazy---I don't know)

6) I try to complete one Sudoku puzzle a day.

Tag you're it: Leah Hoogland and Katie Boggs


Emilie said...

I Love the 6 Random things. Sometimes it's a little crazy how much alike we are...Hence, the reality TV show! Ha! Let's get together soon!

The Covells said...

i finally did it...and updated blog design. thank you for all your help!