Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 1 & 2

We were very lucky to get to celebrate Christmas twice this year! Once with Keith's fam and once with mine. Here are a few pics of our fun holiday :)
Aslan loves it when we bring home bags for him to climb in!

Here Rece is mid dress-up, it's his passion in life! Opening gifts couldn't hold his attention long enough so he had to change clothes about 4 times!

That is until he opened our gift! This fun hippity-hop toy was a hit (and WAY affordable!)

Alli loved the real sewing machine we got her--she is jumping up and down as Mimi tries to get it out of the package.

Finally on our way to Portland (after a few days waiting for the weather to clear up!)

Oh man! We just couldn't avoid the snow! My parents rarely get snow, but during our short stay there they had over a foot! This is a picture of the back porch.
YEA!!! Grandpa Dave made it up this Christmas!!! Last year we flew to visit him in California as he wasn't healthy enough to fly north, but he is back in action---at the young age of 95! I know it took a lot out of him to make the trek but it was so wonderful to spend some time with him and get in a few rounds of dominos and double solitaire!
Uncle Bruce and Auntie Kathie brought Grandpa down and stayed the night with us Christmas Eve for church and a few rounds of Scategories! Just ask Grandpa...Bears belong at a circus and they also start with an 'M' :)
Stay tuned for a sneak peek of our Mexican adventures....oh and more snow!!!


Ingrid said...

I expected pics of your trip...Come on meg...2 snow days and only xmas pics?!

The Boggs Family said...

Happy new year! Cute, cute pic of you & Keith on the plane. I want to see trip pics too! :) I second Ingrid's comment.. :) hahah. Glad you guys are doing well. We miss you!

The Wisers said...

Meghan!!! Glad you are home safe! Can you believe this weather...and school being cancelled! I miss my kiddos! I want to see trip pictures too...I third Ingrid's comment!