Friday, May 31, 2013

One Month

Happy one month birthday Kyler! Not sure how a whole month (plus) just slipped by us---oh my! Life with 2 kids is a bit crazier than just one (but that's its own post!). We feel like you've been in our family forever, and can hardly remember life before you. This first month has been full of visitors, new friends, and boy themed gifts! It's also been full of adjustments, learning your personality, and relearning what it's like to have a newborn around. At your first dr. appointment I didn't even bring a diaper bag---oops! Good thing you kept your pants clean! So far you are pretty laid back.  You eat, sleep, and poop, and are only occasionally fussy. No complaints here! You get up once at night usually between 3 and 4am and we are hopeful you'll be sleeping "through the night" soon. We don't have official stats right now, but you grew out of several newborn size clothes recently, so we think you must be well into the 8lb range. You are likely an inch or more longer now too, since when you lay on my lap and push with your legs you almost fall off! You are cooing and gurgling and Kendall loves to mimic your cute sounds. When we say your name and end it in a high pitch you get a big smile on your face and sometimes even sound like you're giggling, it's incredibly adorable and we all giggle back to you! Here is a glimpse of your first month (not in order).

Lots of sleepy snuggles

meeting new friends (or future girl friends!)

first bath

Reading at bedtime with sister

super sly little smile

more sleepy snuggles

so handsome!

Mother's Day


Kimmer said...

He's so sweet, Keith and Meghan! I love the last picture--Kendall looks so excited to be a big sister. Sounds like you're getting some good sleep--good boy, Kyler! :) (I look forward to your post about having two kids--I found it to be quite the transition!)

Emilie said...

He is so handsome! And I'm so impressed you are posting this already! Way to go, mama!