Sunday, May 5, 2013

Soccer Tot Season

I never imagined myself being the mom who put her kids in sports at an early age (and almost 3 seems very young!)...I'm not exactly athletic so it was just not on my radar! But when Heather said she was putting Liam into Soccer Tots we thought it would be something Kendall would really enjoy doing with her best bud. Not to mention it could help her overcome her shy tendencies, develop hand eye coordination and gross motor skills, and have a special thing to look forward to each week especially after the baby comes. SHE LOVES IT!!!!! I have to admit I got pretty excited for her, too, and even bought purple Adidas shoes for her :) Throughout the week she tells us about what Coach Reese has taught her and is giddy every Friday night when we tell her she gets to go to Soccer Tots the next morning. 

It's parent participation and so Keith, our resident soccer expert, gets to run around with all the toddlers (and I was HUGE preggo and then nursing a newborn, so it just wasn't really an option for me...and I'm ok with that!).

Best friends---when one of them gets sad the other runs to comfort!

They love this special daddy/daughter time each week

She even got her first sports injury---a fat lip and bloody nose from a face plant on the gym floor! Sometimes she gets distracted and just likes to watch the other kids playing :)

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Emilie said...

She makes sports injuries look so cute!