Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kyler at 3 months

Hey there, you big 3 month old!

Oh my goodness! Kyler is already 3 months old. And I think it's pretty neat that his 3 month birthday is the same month as Kendall's 3rd birthday---what an exciting month! Kyler continues to impress us with his easy going nature. He's rarely fussy. Although when he is it's pretty dramatic, he'll be totally fine one second and screaming bloody murder the next. However, he's still very easy to calm down. Sometimes it's because he's reached his nap time and the second he's all swaddled, he's silent and sleeping. Or he gets startled and needs to be comforted (like at a wedding we just went to, when the groomsman said "go cougs!" and everyone loudly cheered, Kyler wasn't too happy about it). Or sometimes he gets mad when it's time to switch sides while nursing, he doesn't like getting interrupted to burp. 

I have no clue how much he weighs, but he's starting to wear most of his 3-6 months clothes now so he must be around 12 or 13 lbs. He especially needs this size clothes when he sports the cloth diapers because they create quite the booty! 

He is learning to tolerate tummy time, but prefers to be naked for full enjoyment (clearly he is a boy!). We tried the Bumbo, but he is still pretty wobbly. Kendall, however, loves to sit in it---I can't believe she fits! He is pretty content to wiggle around on his blanket, and it won't be long now until he flips himself over, he gets pretty close. He can wiggle around in a circle by pivoting on his bum. Hilarious!

 Kyler's favorite toys are his hands! He always find them and puts them in his mouth. Sometimes he'll grab near by things and get them to his mouth too, like burp rags or toys Kendall has brought to him. 

He's been consistently sleeping 6 or 7 hours at night and occasionally we get an 8 hour night out of him. He always wakes up between 5 and 6am. His naps are still pretty inconsistent so I'm hoping in the next month we'll figure out a routine for that, perhaps even move him to the crib. He eats every 3 or 4 hours, and we are going to try out breastmilk in a bottle soon, so Mommy can get a day out with no kids in the near future!

With his family he is very chatty and smiley, but for the rest of the world he shares his serious look. We love that he recognizes us and saves his sweet smiles for us.

Kyler, we love you so much! You are our favorite baby boy!

Look how long I am!

And how cute I am :)

Perhaps I'm a thumb sucker?

Working on tummy time while I check my cute self out.

Hey, that kid is smiling at me!

I'm concerned with my safety here 

and you sure look suspicious 

Sleepy time in the hot summer

Breakfast in the backyard...he is really starting to love Kendall, he gets giggling when she makes funny sounds or faces. She is just starting to play gently with him---YAY!!!

My friends, Carter and Scarlet (I'm just playing it cool)


Emilie said...

Oh My Word, The picture of him in the bumbo looking at Kendall KILLS me...Hysterical! Love this little guy!

The Lochheads said...

He is darling!!! I especially love the tummy time pictures with the wrinkled forehead! So sweet.

And that birthday party of Kendalls turned out so cute!!! I haven't heard of the show, but now I have something to look for with the kids. How did she get to be THREE?!? I think you were just posting her birth story not to long ago...

Looks like your summer is going well! Keep living it up, fellow teacher friends!

Alison said...

I am dying over Kyler's facial expressions. So expressive!