Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching back up: May 2014

After a wonderful weekend celebrating Kyler (and Easter and moving!) we continued to have a fast paced spring including big kid swim lessons for Kendall, getting our yard looking clean as well as helping the whole neighborhood/common area clean and helping prep the common area pool. Here are a few pictures that capture the month of May for the Ross's.

 Kendall got a strange infection on her finger so we went in to clean it up and get antibiotics. This was the first time she's ever had to take a 7 day antibiotic and it was not easy for her. We learned to mix it with pudding. So thankful she is usually a healthy kid!
 Many walks to the neighborhood park!
 A family portrait!
 More park time
 We met a Wallaroo!

 Friends came to play
 Celebrated Mother's day

 Kendall had her first dance recital as a Blue Bird :)

 And she LOVED big kid swim lesson with Liam and Finley!

Kyler went on his first date with Scarlet!

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