Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching up: End of July and August 2014

We wrapped up our summer with lots of pool time and playing in our backyard! We had Papa and Grandma make one more visit, took our annual trip to Stoneridge and Silverwood, and of course took time to prepare my classroom.
 Cutest pool kids ever!
 learning gentleness
 tons of imaginative play in the playhouse
 brave boy!
 Keith built a sandbox!

 My birthday was learning how to paint at Pinot's Palet.

 Pretty sky after the first of 2 crazy wind storms.
My birthday breakfast dates
bare buns baby wishing he could swim...but he's too crazy sometimes!

 Lanny and Ella got a new house after their terrible garage fire in April.
We made several scooter trips to the Rocket 

A little family evening out at Camp Reed

 While Papa and Grandma were here we spent an afternoon down town at the park.

 They took the big kids on the gondola ride!
one last pedicure

 Playing restaurant
Daddy daughter golf date
 All boy! Sleeping with a semi truck.

 After the 2nd storm we had a tree company come and remove the broken tree and another one that was damaged. We heard the sound of chainsaws for DAYS!
 More walks to the Rocket!
 Friends and cupcakes. :) We missed these girls while they were at YL camp.
 Taking in my last summer mornings.
 We also walked to Brentwood park several times. This night we picnicked and played!

 Stoneridge games (and weirdos!)
 Silverwood's Bolder Beach (and Kyler who walked on his knees most of the summer---OUCH!)
 Big enough for the rides--and brave enough for some of them too!

 swimming and games at Stoneridge. Kyler was getting in on the action too :)
 Keith took me on a breakfast date while we had all the extra babysitters at Stoneridge.
 Oh my dirty feet! Sure wish he was walking---ugh!
And that's all folks! Next up...SCHOOL starts :/

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