Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great Grandpa Dave's House: July 2014

Every opportunity we get to see Great Grandpa Dave we take! This June he turned 101 years old and still lives independently. He is truly a kid at heart and loves the play with his great grand kids.
 Hours of fun with the mail slot (and I loved watching them play and remembering how cool we always thought it was as kids).
 Daniel and Sarah brought their kids over for dinner our first night here. This is Flynn and Aiden hiding with Kendall.

 Flynn and Kyler adding some chalk art in front of Grandpa's house.
 A 2nd cousin's traditional stair picture. Kendall, Aiden, Kyler, Flynn, & Samantha.

 Always helping Grandma Denise when she makes roll up pancakes! Kyler was on dish duty.
 Kendall studied how the big kids played in the pool and even got brave enough to jump off the edge of the pool without mommy there to catch her!

 We took at least one walk a day. Grandpa still gets out and takes a slow stroll around the loop in front of his house.
We loved being with Auntie Riss! She was the one who got Kyler to take his first independent steps! Plus having the extra hands on the flight home was a huge gift!

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