Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is the year many of our friends turn 30...WOO WHOO!!! And as shown by these pictures of Jon and Cary's birthday celebration, you can tell they are ready for the maturity and wisdom that comes with this new decade!
Cary...did the lettuce wraps not fill you up???
We love you Jon!
(Sorry, you have to tilt your head to watch this)
Yummy PF Changs!!!
The supportive spouses :)
NOT 30 yet!

Lots of laughs :)

Things were getting a little crazy!
Definately the best way to spend your 30th RIGHT?
Up next for 30...Jonn, then Keith. Let the countdown begin!

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Sue N. said...

So great to see pictures of our "birthday boy." Thanks for posting! They are blessed to have such wonderful friends. Sue