Monday, January 19, 2009

MEXICO!!!'s here! I've been waiting for some of the pictures of our trip before I made this post---thanks for your patience...he he he!
We had a fabulous trip to celebrate my mother-in-law Bernie's retirement. We loved it so much we think we'd like to go on a different cruise every year. There is so much to do on the ship, we never felt crowded, never bored, and never hungry! Here are just a FEW of the pictures we took (not in order). ENJOY!

Bernie was the big winner in the casino! 3 wins on the same slot machine!!! It made her trip :)

This is a watermelon!!! Happy New Year!!!

Fireworks in Puerto Vallarta

On our way back from the Canopy Tour. It was almost an hour ride on this bumpy road, with random speed bumps all along the way, in an old truck---totally safe!

Keith unfortunately got stung by a bee on our way out :(

Before the tour we had to wait in this office and this is a whale poster keith is standing in front of. These were the only whales we saw on our trip :( I was really hoping to see some---even more reason to go on another cruise right?

Puerto Vallarta

The sand between his legs had finally gotten to him! This is Jeter on his way back out to the waves to tough out the pain :)

Our local bus ride to the beach---hot, crowded, a little reckless, and some live music!

Each night on the ship there was a big Vegas style show. On this night there was a ventriloquist that the boys got to go up on the stage during the show and meet (I was breaking the rules by taking this picture in the theater hence the blurriness.

Every night the kids would go to sleep in Bernies room after she had her fill of gambling, then Keith, Alex, Kelli and I would go and do something else on the ship and Bernie would watch the kids. When we returned this was how they were all sleeping!!! Each wrapped in a hotel robe, little pea pods---it reminded me of some Anne Geddes photo (except they aren't infants!)

The view from our state room. We didn't have a real view but we did have some day light so it was nice!

Here is our room. It was much bigger than I was anticipating. We didn't spend too much time in here so it didn't really matter the size. It was just enough space to empty our suitcases and settle in for the week.

One of my favorite parts was the towel creations. Every evening when we returned to our room to get ready for dinner there was a new animal made out of a towel!!! I took a picture of almost all of them! Here is a little pig. We usually got a decorated cookie too because Jeter was technically in our room with us (but he was in Bernies room). YUM!

Twice the restaurant had formal dinners that we got all dressed up for---very fun!

Behaving very formally too!

The boys.

The girls.

Jeter and Allie are FISH! We spent all of our days on the ship by one of the 3 pools for a good portion of our day. The water was freezing but the kids didn't seem to even notice. The pools were pretty fun for the kids because the outer portion was about4-6 inches deep then the middle part just dropped off. I guess this design keeps the water from splashing out with the movement of the ocean.

Rece kept everyone entertained in the hot tub

What would Keith's trip have been without some poker! He made several friends at the table.

We love the sun!

Bingo and scratch tickets before the nightly show.

Every night after dinner all the restaurant staff would either have a little song or dance to promote that nights show. Often they would invite us to dance with them. This is our waiter or Joseph from the Philippines.

Lunch in Cabo San Lucas

Rece wasn't so sure of the ocean---this was him braving the waves!!!

Keith bought new sunglasses---isn't he cute?

Plumbers crack in Cabo!

Our ship

More dancing at dinner. This is Natalia out bread girl :)

Alli and Jeter jumped over waves for hours on end. They LOVED the ocean!!!

Rece can sleep ANYWHERE!

He also LOVED the sand! Within seconds of arriving to a beach he would be covered head to toe in sand.

Alli and Bernie both got braids in their hair.

This is Keith jumping off one of the zip lines on our canopy tour in Puerto Vallarta. We had a total blast!!!! There was at least 10 huge ziplines about 50 feet or higher in the air. I was a little nervous but my adventurous self eventually came out. The guides for this adventure were hilarious and super fast---that was our biggest worry, what if they didn't hook us in right because they did it so fast!! Nobody died :) Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take our camera so we had to pay an arm and a leg to get this one picture!!! I'm right behind Keith, then Kelli, then Alex, then some random kid who reminded us of Christian from Project Runway!!!

In Cabo we got to swim with the dolphins. It was GREAT! Rece was so funny with our dolphin Endy, he would have jumped right in and been fine living with the dolphins!


The Wisers said...

What a great vacation!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

I'm so glad you love cruises! Yogi and I love them as well so I'm thinking we could do a couples cruise sometime in the future! Did you like my second home, Cabo? Isn't it great?!?!?! We've been there three years in a row now and I just love it. I can't believe you swam with the dolphins! I've always wanted to do that but Yogi told me I'd have to sell a kidney in order to afford it. I decided to keep the kidney.

Erin said...

What fun! The sun picture is very clever, and didn't you just love swimming with the dolphins:) Glad you had a great time!