Sunday, January 18, 2009

American Girl Place

Before our big Mexican Riviera Cruise we had to make a trip to the L.A. American Girl Place!!! Alli has a "Just like me" girl, and this Christmas got a "Bitty Baby". I grew up LOVING American girl, I read so many of the books, poured over the magazine and finally bought myself "Samantha" (who they recently retired---I must be old!) when I was in 3rd grade. I felt a little guilty not bringing her, but she just wouldn't have fit in the luggage (nor would Keith have been very happy if I let a doll take up half our packing space!) This place is UNREAL!!! There is a room for each decades doll displaying all their outfits and accessories. There is a doll hospital, a doll salon, a photo studio, a full on restaurant to have tea with your doll, and much much more! I think I liked it as much as Alli did :)

Here Alli and Bernie are in Kit's special room. Kit is all the rage with elementary girls right now, there is even a movie out about her!

Keith was supposed to be doing something ultra cool with Alex, but due to the crappy weather causing flights to get messed up Keith was flying solo and ended up with us at the doll store. He loved it! I think it just made him want to wait to have kids even longer!!! Here he is posing under the "Joy to the girl" sign. He was definitely the ONLY non-dad male in the whole store.

His true feelings about the doll store.
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Breezi said...

LUCKY YOU! I loved American girl to pieces as a kid!
just recently my sweet Alli started getting the magazines for their stuff in the mail! talk about fun :)
I think she's still a little young to start reading the books yet... maybe in the next year or two!
Can't wait!

Alison said...

I have dragged Yogi into both the NYC and Chicago American Girl stores. I could have spent all day in there but Yogi allowed me about 5.2 minutes. Although he feigned interest, I suspect he felt much like Keith looked. Maybe you and I need to go there together. I really want to do the American girl tea and we could both bring our Samantha dolls!