Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Lank You!" Kendall conversations part 2

I could write a "Kendall conversations" post every. single. day. I love the way her brain works and makes connections. I love the way she mispronounces words, because I know she'll grow out of them soon. She is SOOOO funny and we probably let her get away with way too much because we just crack up at the things she says---it's nearly impossible to keep a straight face while disciplining  her. Right now she is in a phase of making up new words. She says them with conviction and sometimes we wonder if she is swearing in her own secret language.  "PLAT" is one of them so is "SHOT", and she also said "Dan it!" when she dropped something (remember not too long ago she was saying "Bamn it"? I guess it hasn't gone away yet). When she is supposed to apologize for something she'll sweetly come to you and instead of saying sorry she says "I forgive you" and we say back "I forgive you, too." And thank you is actually pronounced "Lank you". She does "Lexerglyes" which basically is her spazzing out on the floor. She makes "Patter-ins" instead of patterns. And loves to eat "Wolly pops". The best one though is when she yells "GROU HUG!" and we all gather in close for a family hug.

Lately we've been having all sorts of theological conversations with Christmas approaching. She has 1000 questions a day about Jesus alone. But that's okay because she can ask Him soon enough, as she is planning a trip to visit Jesus at His "manger house"
in Bethlehem. She is very confused by the fact that we talk about Jesus being a baby. The "Angel of the Lord" means she was his mom and He lived in her tummy, not Mary's. And the best one was "Mommy, Jesus doesn't live in my heart anymore" "Oh, really?" "Yeah, he lives in the manger now so he can't be in my heart."

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