Friday, December 27, 2013


Round one of Thanksgiving was at the Schuerman's house. Kelli hosted and fun and delicious day for us. Mom and Dad joined us for the big dinner and of course we brought Rapunzel with us. 

Here is our little family after we got home

These are the people I'm incredible thankful for.

Marissa hosted a wonderful and thoughtful day for us to celebrate together the day after. 

Don't mind the green ladder that my camera was taking the picture from---oops!

Before Grandma left Kendall was determined to make candy cane cookies with her! She has been dubbed the baking Grandma. Nobody can make roll up pancakes like Grandma, and nobody can make cookies like Grandma! I had to help complete the job because these cookies are a bit involved and Grandma and Papa had to make it to the airport. Kendall was very helpful until she fell off the chair spilling the flour everywhere, requiring a PJ change mid cookie making. They ended up being delicious. 

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