Saturday, December 7, 2013

This fall...

Has been as wild as Kendall's bed head!

We put our house on the market
Which has impacted everything. And it means we've had to work very hard at keeping it clean and "show ready" at all times. Sometimes that feels like a full time job! But we hope it'll be over very soon :)

Despite the big job of selling our house, this fall has been GLORIOUS! 
Here Kendall is sun bathing in the slider.

We made a trip up to Greenbluff. Kyler loved every second of it.

We went to cheer Ella on at all city cross country

Look, more amazing sunshine!

We watched Keith's soccer girls a few times

Keith and Kendall carved our pumpkin---she picked the most complicated design from the pack I got, and then baled on Keith in order to help me roast the seeds. Good thing her Daddy loves her!

Kyler had his first Halloween. He decided to go as a pumpkin this year.

This is our traditional Johnson/Ross costume picture that started when Avy and Kendall were just a few months old. Krista and I dressed up this year as Moms.

The usual trick-or-treating crew up at the Strate's.

Oh my word! Could our days be any more beautiful??? (it did snow like 2 days after this picture was taken!)

We took many many walks around the neighborhood. It's one of Kendall's favorite activities. 

We took Kendall on a mommy and daddy date to her first Disney on Ice. She was awestruck! So was Keith.

I have to admit I was totally into it. I came home and busted out my VHS of The Little Mermaid!

Gotta keep these kids clean! Someone is constantly covered in curdled spit up. And someone else is getting more active with dance and daycare. This was the first time Kyler sat up for his bath and he was in heaven splashing around and playing with Kendall. 

Hey, check out that sunshine! I could be changing my favorite season to fall.

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Ali said...

I just love your photos and the way you write! You make me giggle every time (ok, technically the giggles are mostly thanks to Kendall, but still…!). I miss you guys! Love you all! Happy holiday season!