Sunday, December 29, 2013

Santa is 8 months old!

Ho ho ho! 
The cutest little Santa Claus just turned 8 months old!

This was how we found Kyler most often this month. Under the tree. He thought it was the best hide out. His favorite thing to do down there was pull off ornaments and use them as teething toys. He also liked to eat all the characters in the little people manger scene. I think I might do my Christmas blog post about all the things Kyler tried to eat.  

Kyler fully weaned during the month of December. :( I was hoping to make it to the break and build my milk supply back up, but he was so frustrated that he wasn't getting enough (plus I think he may have just had a growth spurt and supply couldn't keep up with demand). Eventually he'd deny me altogether and want only the bottle. Christmas day was his first full day without any nursing. We're not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but he also has had a string of great sleeping, like eats at 8 and wakes up at 5am. So I feel like I've been starving my kid and now that his belly is full he can actually sleep. But in return I also get better sleep and we are all on our way to feeling normal and happy again!

He continues to put absolutely everything into his mouth and is great at finding all the crumbs and small things that we don't see and immediately puts them into his mouth. It's time to get a better vacuum! When sister is napping Kyler loves to pull down her toy bins (that she normally guards with authority) and slobber all over her stuff.

This month also brought with it some sniffly noses. This nap started in the crib but didn't last long. I thought he was awake for good but then he crashed on my lap. Luckily I had the tv remote with me and enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon catching up on the Ellen show.

Kyler loves to go to big sisters dance class every thursday and hang out with his girlfriend Kynlee. She likes to point/poke at him and say "baby" and sometimes she crawls on him. It works for them :)

He really packed on the pounds it seems. His pants got shorter and the shirts got tighter. It seems like he almost skipped over the 9 month size clothes and has started fitting into a lot 12 month outfits. Slow down Kyler!

On Christmas morning he took his first attempt at a real crawl forward. He's been getting himself into the crawling position  for a few weeks now, but he just rocks back and forth until he face plants on the floor. So he isn't "crawling" per say, but he's certainly going to catch on soon.

He still scoots when he wants to get to something fast.

I just love this profile that shows his round little cheeks and adorable chin!

His hair is staring to grow back in on the back! This is his faux hawk.

 His new word/sound this month was "Lolly lolly" which he makes by sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth.

Happy 8 months, Kyler!


Jen said...

Eight months?! Wow, time is sure flying by! He's adorable and I loved reading about his milestones! :)

The Hoogland Family said...

Awe Kyler is such a cutie! I loved your Christmas card. All your Christmas traditions sound so fun and joyous!