Monday, July 22, 2013


On June 9th , 1913 a smart, witty, humble, generous, playful, loving, hard working, dedicated man was born. That's right, my Grandpa Dave turned 100 this summer!  INCREDIBLE! You'd never know he's that old if you met him. He's held up really well :) and is as sharp as a tac! He has created a fun and beautiful family and we came together to celebrate him, and his 100 years here. I love how he is so playful with my kids and that they are getting to know him. Here are a ton of pictures from our trip to Moraga for his party. Kendall had a wonderful time and since we've been home she liked to play "going to Great Grandpa's house". She loved getting spoiled by my cousin Karrin's 11 year old daughter, Molly.
We sure love Great Grandpa Dave!
Super babysitter, Molly!

4th of July

2nd cousins

pool time 

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Emilie said...

WOW! Simply amazing. I am so happy that your sweet family got to spend such a special time with your grandpa!