Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Doc's gonna make you feel better...

Have you seen Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr.? It's one of Kendall's favorite cartoons (ours too) and she loves playing doctor, so we knew it would be the perfect party theme. I enjoyed searching Pinterest for ideas and putting all the details together with Kendall's help (like sticking heart stickers on to bandaids and putting over half of those bandaids on her body!). She also loved making her own guest list and of course getting a new purple glittery doctors kit and lab coat for the event!

How is she really 3???

Waffer cookie "bandaids", M&M "medicine", Gummy Bear "vitamins" and  Apples because "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" We had an evening party so the patio would be shaded which meant preparing a dinner, too. We made hawaiian chicken sandwiches and pasta salad. 

Here the kids could decorate a "clipboard" on which they could write their diagnosis or write out a prescription. There were also hospital ID bracelets for their toys/dolls they brought.

I hit up the Dollar Store to create medical bags as favors. & I found some cute felt bags at Michael's on clearance! Inside them Keith put bandaids, cotton balls, tongue depressors, gauze pads, masks, glow sticks (you know, for x-rays), notebooks (for 'the big book of boo boos"), and homemade magic stethoscopes. 

Here was the clinic for kids to do check ups on their dolls. 

sleepy siblings

she's got baby fever

best buds

Big girls watching Doc inside where it was cool

pin the bandaid on Lambie

After cupcakes and presents the kids ran through the sprinkler, which we really should have started earlier---it was HOT out!

It was a great party and so fun to see Kendall enjoying her friends. 


Emilie said...

The party was so fun and we loved all the special touches/details you did...Just wish my kiddos would have lasted a bit longer. Maybe next year?!?! Happy Birthday Dr. Kendall!!!!!

Bethany said...

Such a cute, creative birthday party! Ella loves Doc McStuffins too :). Kendall looks like she had a great time!