Sunday, July 21, 2013

Impromptu trip

Right after school let out Keith had the opportunity to caddy for his friend Clark in the State amature golf tournament. I wanted Keith to be able to caddy, but I was also nervous about staying home alone for several days with both kids. Luckily the tournament happened to be about an hour north of Longview so we took the week to go stay with my parents. It was such a fun impromptu adventure. Kendall was in heaven getting to spend extra time with my parents. But during the days it was just us while my parents were at work and Keith was at golf and Kendall loved exploring their house. I didn't get any picture of the laundry shoot but it was for sure a highlight for Kendall. After we came home that was her imagination game using her crawl tunnel and doll clothes. On the way home we stopped to shop at the Gap outlet.
Loving "Baby Zoe" and Raggedy Ann (my mom's doll!)

Building forts

Riding the horse

Kyler was there too! 

This was a dress my Grandpa bought me from Austria when I was Kendall's age.

She perfected her jumping

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Emilie said...

Love that you still have your dress from your grandpa. So sweet and such a special memory!