Monday, July 22, 2013

Fairyland, take 2

While in Oakland we came back to Fairyland. I knew Kendall would be the perfect age for this toddler amusement park. Last time she was almost too young, at 20 months old. This time she was more familiar with the fairytales and that much more excited about everything.  She was enthralled with all the little houses, tunnels, and story boxes.

mesmerized by the puppet show

"She got smaller from last time" 
This time we bought Kendall her own magic Fairyland key to use in all the boxes, but we lost it toward the end of our time there. Luckily they were only $3 so we still got one to bring home. My Mom still has her's from when she was a kid!
Keeper of the keys
Took a dirt break, just like last time!

I think they must have repainted these flower chairs I thought it was all yellow.

3 little pigs brick house

and their straw house

Fun Day!

And we had to go to Fenton's ice cream, even though we were very tired.

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