Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Bunny hop"

This Easter was a little more active than last year! Last year Kendall just sat in one spot. This year she was all over the place! Although her understanding of what do to for an egg hunt didn't really change. She did figure out that the plastic eggs usually have something inside them and after "finding" an egg she usually spent some time investigating it and opening it, meanwhile the other kids found ALL the rest of the eggs. But that was okay with her because she was just as happy to collect rocks, in fact, she might have been more excited about the rocks. She did some practicing with Grandma while we were in California and even without competition she averaged about 3 eggs before she was off doing something else. 

 Like last year, we made it to the Evans big egg hunt/community outreach. We met up with Liam there and took what will hopefully be an annual picture. I think Kendall likes her bunny friend :)

Kendall refers to anything bunny as "Bunny hop." Here she is trying to make Aslan "Bunny hop!"

 The picture that proves her love of rocks over eggs.
 Our attempt at a posed picture...she was so irritated that I wasn't letting her play in the dirt.

On Easter Sunday we had breakfast with Marissa and Luke and went to Bernie's after church for her community egg hunt and a family dinner.  By the way, why on Earth do we do egg hunts on Easter??? I can't seem to make the connection. Spring=eggs=new life=Jesus??? I did attempt telling Kendall what Easter is really about, but all she said when I was done was "Jesus died." Hmmm...we'll try explaining it all again when she's a bit older :). I digress... we had a great day spending time with family (even though Kendall decided to fore go her nap!).

 Mimi and her grand kids


Greta said...

What a cutie. If it's even possible, I think she's getting cuter as she gets older.

The Hoogland Family said...

Ugh I think the same thing every year about Easter, and eggs and the bunny....It is about Christ's resurrection darn it! Still it is fun for the kids to hunt for eggs. We have a little object lesson that we do with the kids before Easter, where there are 12 eggs each with a little object that represents something about Christ's last week on earth and his crucifixtion and resurrection, I like to say that it helps them to remember, but who knows! When Kendall gets older maybe I will send one to you!

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

I totally agree about the egg hunt on Easter. It doesn't make since. We try and do ours the day before.... that way Easter Sunday can be focused on Jesus....

Kendall is so cute! She's getting so big!

Emilie said...

Love the bunny hop!