Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting ready for the big day

The day before the wedding there were still a few important things to get done...
First, we had to touch up our nails at Famous Nails

and then fuel up on Starbucks

so we could efficiently set up and decorate the wedding venue.

I wish I had taken more pics of all the projects Riss did to make the wedding feel like theirs---the venue was a blank canvas so every single detail was something she bought or created!

Finally it was time to rehearse

and celebrate the couple with family and close friends!

The silly little flower girl---we weren't sure after the rehearsal if she'd do her duty or kick the flower ball around and yell "Chase You!"

Time for bed...tomorrow will be a long day for this little munchkin.

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Emilie said...

Oh, Ross family, How do you ever get enough of your cute little munchkin?