Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wedding Day! (or the day I got a new brother)

Getting beautiful (as if she needed any help!)

my turn

big day for Ella too!


Interesting experience getting make-up done---FOR AN HOUR! Set things back just a bit---Riss held it together and was very patient with Helga and her passion for dramatic eyebrows.

Surprise! You've been heart attacked :) There aren't enough paper hearts in the world to show you how much I love you Riss!
Hair: check, make-up: check, dress on: check

Driving to the wedding

Must be time for some pictures...

 Marissa has some incredible friends who were so much fun to play with all weekend!

Hilarious Elizabeth

Sweet Amy

Inside joke

 Possibly the only pic of Kendall actually smiling all day!

Pretty great to have BOTH of us caught looking awesome!
Okay, that's a little better

The Kendall wrangler (aka super Dad!)

New in-laws

and a few more super cold pictures :)

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Emilie said...

So happy for your Marissa, Luke, and your entire family!!! What an exciting time!!!