Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break

I have never been more thankful for a spring break! Being a full time working Mama is TOUGH and I was so excited to get to spend some quality down time with my family. I was really proud that I only went to my classroom one time and that was just to see what the state of my room was and where my wonderful sub left off so I would know what to teach when I came back (I was subbed out during conference week so I could meet with 40 families---holy smokes!)

We started the week with a library visit with Kendall's friend Nathan. Look at my big girl doing puzzles all by herself!

 Then we played with Avlynne and Addy. Here Kendall is encouraging Avlynne as she tries to use the potty.

 And then assisting in a diaper change! Wow, what a helper! :)

We heard that Spokane was getting cold again, so we flew to the Bay Area to visit Great Grandpa while Grandma Denise was also visiting. Although traveling with a toddler is a lot of work, knowing I would have some down time, and that Kendall would get to be with my mom and "Ga-Gapa Day" was well worth the trip down and back. It wasn't HOT, but it was pleasant, and a good change for a few days. I did some reading,= and sleeping in, while my Mom and Grandpa got their grandparent fix.

First stop: the local library! She settled right in.
Then to the park to show Great Grandpa how she can go on the slide!

I brought several dollar store treasures to keep the plane ride down fun for everyone. Crayons, books, stuffed toys, stickers, etc. 
However, my sweet child mostly wanted to play with rocks and dirt the whole time. There are these patches of big (to her) rocks and she tried really hard to pick them up, but instead settled on patting them and singing "I love you."

We did die a few eggs for Grandpa to eat after we left.

 In a new house there was a lot to explore, including lots of fun stairs and "antique" toys.

Our big adventure was a day trip to Fairyland, but that deserves it's own post.

 Pretty tiring trip for Kendall, but so much fun!

We were home in time for Easter festivities with the rest of our family.


The Hoogland Family said...

Kendall's little pig tails! So cute! Also the picture of her helping Avlynne on the potty! So funny! That will be hilarious when they are college roommates at Whitworth together!

Emilie said...

Spring break was the BEST! Glad you enjoyed your down time! I LOVE the picture of Kendall encourage Avlynne! Way to take care of your friends, Kendall!