Sunday, April 15, 2012

A day at Fairyland

Just a few blocks from where my Great Auntie Lil used to live (when my Mom was school age), in Oakland, there is this great toddler amusement park called Fairyland. My Mom remembers walking there with her friends and even having her 5th birthday party in the Cinderella party patio!  Marissa and I went there at least once (that we can't remember) when we were little. The park has miniature displays of many familiar fairy tales, fun walkways and slides, a mini train, mini carousels, a musical fairy tunnel, and even puts on small plays! According to my Mom, they used to have several animals, including real monkeys and seals! Now they have a miniature horse, some bunnies, and goats. Kendall had a great time because everything was just her size. We will definitely go back when she is just a little taller and can do the slides and rides by herself. 

Riding the train around the park
Kissing some random wooden cows (kissing any and everything is her new deal!)

All around the park are these blue boxes and you can put the magic key in to hear the song or story that goes with that fairytale. She became great at spotting these boxes and would point them out whenever we saw them. She didn't really know that you had to use the key though, here she is trying to play it with a rock she found (rocks, being her latest obsession! She collected several at Fairyland and I later found them in my washing machine.)

In the 3 Little Pigs house

enjoying a "play in the dirt break"---she took several!

Kendall's favorite stop was at Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs home. I think she really liked how the statues were smaller than her and that they didn't move like real kids do. She went around several times saying "hello" or "I love you," giving them each a kiss or hug or pat on the head. Of course it wasn't until we needed to leave that I thought about getting a video of her.

We finished our day in Oakland by going to lunch at Fentons, another favorite childhood memory for both my Mom and I.


Bethany said...

What a fun place! I love Kendall's little pigtails :). Glad you got to enjoy your spring break!

Emilie said...

Love her pigtails and backpack! Love her!